EQ8 Supply List and Downloads

2023 AQS Classes in Des Moines, Iowa

Electric Quilt is sponsoring EQ8 classes for AQS 2023 in Des Moines, Iowa taught by Lori Miller. Please use Lori’s contact info below to ask questions regarding the classes. Both enrolled and non-enrolled students are welcome to ask questions. Visit AQS Quilt Week for registration info.

Lori Miller  •  Contact Lori  •  Visit Lori’s website

Attention! For Students taking the EQ8 Adding Fabrics and Photos Class ONLY

Please download the following class file to the computer you will use for the class PRIOR TO CLASS.

This is a zip file. Click the link above to download the ZIP file of photos needed for class. If given the option, choose to Save the file. The file will save into your Downloads folder. Open File Explorer (Windows) or Finder (MAC) and navigate to the Downloads folder.

Windows only: Extract the files by double clicking on the Zip file, click Extract, then Extract All. let the folder extract the files into the Downloads folder. Click OK. You should see a new, unzipped folder called Adding Fabrics Class files.

You can now leave the Adding Fabrics Class files folder here or move it to a place where you can find it or in your My EQ8/Images folder.

EQ8 Supply List and Instructions FOR ALL EQ8 CLASSES

These class requirements are the same for ALL EQ8 classes.

  • Laptop with Electric Quilt 8 (EQ8) installed and validated*
  • Laptop power cord
  • Extension cord
  • Mouse** (The touch pad on your laptop will work, but having an external mouse makes drawing much easier.)
  • Extra batteries for your mouse, if wireless
  • Mouse pad
  • Pen and paper for taking notes

******************** Important! ********************

A week before class, please check the following (scroll down for video):

  1. Is your EQ8 working? Open EQ8 to make sure it’s working properly, especially if you’ve updated to a new operating system.
  2. Is your EQ8 validated? Open EQ8 while the computer is connected to the internet to validate the software. Validation happens behind the scenes when the computer is connected to the internet. It’s very important to do this before class as the classroom may not have wifi.
  3. Is your EQ8 up-to-date? Open EQ8 and on the Home Screen, click on Product Details to check which version you are currently running. If you need to update, you can get the update by clicking here.

If you encounter any errors or need help, please contact the  Electric Quilt office (or by phone 419-352-1134 M-F, 9:00am-4:30pm ET) as soon as possible so they can help you get up and running before class. The teacher does not have time to help get your software working during class time.

*See #2 above. Validation is a signal your EQ software sends to our server to validate the software. This happens behind the scenes if your computer is always connected to the internet. If it’s not always connected, validation will only happen when it’s connected again. It’s very important to make sure your EQ is validated before coming to class.

**Mac users, make sure your secondary mouse-click is turned on. You can turn this on in System Preferences > Mouse > Secondary Click. This will allow you to right-click to access different menus/options.