Fall Leaves and a Thank You!

Well, September is certainly here with the cool fall weather and I am not quite ready for the leaves to change colors. While I am holding onto the green a little longer outside, inside is all about quilting some autumn leaves. First up, a beautiful pieced maple leaf quilt. I am working on this special project for my mom.  (Shhh – she does not know so don’t spill the beans).  She really admired a maple leaf quilt when I was back in Des Moines visiting her and we went to a see quilt show.  She said she just loved all the tones and colors in the fall leaves.  I tucked that hint away and started to work on her quilt.   I found a great pattern on All People Quilt called Tumbling Leaves.


I enlisted my sit and stitch group to help stitch some of the leaves over the past year and this fall I am trying to get them all pieced together.  I used all of my fall colored stash fabrics in green, yellow, red and orange.


I am about half way through putting the blocks together.  I am trying to just do a random order with not too many of the same colors together.  I can’t wait to share the quilt with you when it is all finished.


The second part of the post has to do with my Pattern, Quilted Pile of Leaves. This wonderful fall themed project pattern is one of my best sellers.  I really appreciate the support and wanted to give you all a big Thank You.  It means a lot to be able to share my creativity with you.  I was delighted to receive a thoughtful note from Cindy Young who had gotten the pattern and was beginning to stitch up her own Pile of Leaves.

Photo Courtesy of Cindy Young

Photo Courtesy of Cindy Young

She sent me some pictures of all of her handy work and even shared a few tips that some of you may find helpful.  She uses the flexible cutting boards to make her plastic templates for quilting and for these fall leaves in particular.  She says they are very economical and sturdy.  She also decided to use  Insul-Bright from the Warm Company  insulated lining for her leaves so she could use them on the table and protect the finish from hot dishes.

Photo Courtesy of Cindy Young

Photo Courtesy of Cindy Young


Here you can see what a big pile she made and she also started to create even more shapes that turned out darling.  Beautiful fall leaves and wonderful tips!  Thanks Cindy!

What fall projects are you working on?