Getting Ready for Quiltcon in Austin


I think I am starting to get excited.  The second QUILTCON is coming in February.  It will be my first Modern Quilt Guild Show.  I am going with a few of my quilting sisters from the Detroit Area Modern (DAM) Quilt Guild.  We DAM Girls! are ready to rock and have a great time in what I hope can only be some slightly warmer weather than snowy Michigan.  I thought I would share some of the fun things I have been getting, sewing and swapping to get ready for the show.


First, Jules from Procrasticraft sponsored a Quiltcon Lanyard swap.  I had not participated in a swap before, so I wanted to give it a try.  I made this cute orange lanyard, badge holder, pincushion and a few extras to send to my swap buddy, Mandy (@lotsocolour) in Australia.



 Here is what I received from Cindy (@whatsonemoreproject) from Alaska.  She sent me this treasure trove with my rainbow colored lanyard.  I received some yummy chocolates, local soap and ornaments, a cute zipper pull, soap, lip balm, hand lotion and this super awesome three zipper pouch.  I was truly spoiled.  If you have not tried some kind of swap, I now highly recommend it!  It is fun to design something special for another like minded quilter and the happy mail in return is just too awesome.



Are you joining the QUILTCON Pin Swap??  Why not?!!  I had to participate.  Here are my pins with my butterfly logo.  I have been drawing this butterfly since high school and when I decided to open up my shop, it was the obvious and most perfect choice for my logo.  I love butterflies anyway, they always bring a smile to my face.  I decided to add a few colors for some variety even thought the blue and lavender is my favorite.  Please try to find me, I would love to swap pins and meet a new friend!


Next, I made this pouch for myself with our colorful DAM.  Yes, I paperpieced it.  For those who know me, that was quite the challenge as it is not my favorite thing to do, but I sure like the way it looks when it is done.  I made it to hold my pins for the swap.


Finally, the DAM Girls ordered matching messenger bags with our logo.  But of course I had to jazz my bag up a bit. Vicki (@houseofduke1) inspired me to embroider my business name on it, a little bigger than I wanted but it is done now.  I thought the bag needed a little more pizzazz so I replaced the outside binding with a colorful print binding.  My friend, Rebecca (@rubythreads) convinced me to design a pattern for lining, so that went in there too.  You should be able to see us DAM Girls coming and going!  Be sure to say Hi, swap a pin, or join us on an adventure.

I can’t wait to soak up the classes and lectures and party down at the Moda Party.  I hope I will see you there!

Are you going??

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