Make a skinny selvage scarf

lmdesigns selvage scarf 1

Do you save your fabric selvages?  I started doing it just over a year ago because I kept seeing lots of clever items made with them.  I never used to pay attention to the selvages on my fabric.  They were just things to cut off so that the fabric did not shrink funny or have a little stiff edge.  I never cut them off first, I just cut them willy nilly when I needed to. I now cut them at least an inch wide so I have something to work with on selvage projects.  The giant pile is growing, so here is a fun scarf that I sewed together with some of my selvages.  It is just a little skinny thing, but it can sure dress up a top.  I think you could even make it really long, sew the ends together and make it into an infinity scarf.    Why not be frugal and use every scrap of fabric in your projects?

Skinny Selvage Scarf


lmdesigns selvage scarf 2

  • colorful fabric selvage scraps (I used about 10-12 strips at least 18 inches long and about 1 inch wide)
  • backing fabric
  • flannel for the batting
  • coordinating thread


Note: All seams are 1/4 inch.

lmdesigns selvage scarf 3

Pick out your selvages and arrange them in a pleasing order.  Then stitch them together to make your fabric.

lmdesigns selvage scarf 4

You just overlap the selvage edge and stitch it down.

lmdesigns selvage scarf 5

Then, I used my rotary cutter to cut my selvage “fabric” into strips.

lmdesigns selvage scarf 6

Then I joined the strips end to end to get the length I needed.  It also made a nice repeating pattern of fabrics.

lmdesigns selvage scarf 7

I then layered my selvage strip, backing fabric and flannel for the filler and stitched around the whole thing.

lmdesigns selvage scarf 8

I turned it right side out and slip stitched the turning opening closed.

lmdesigns selvage scarf 9

I just added some topstitching to finish it off.  Now you have a funky, frugal and colorful skinny scarf to liven up a solid t-shirt or snazz up a plain white shirt.

lmdesigns selvage scarf 10

lmdesigns selvage scarf 11

This was so much fun, that I made two more!

Do you save your selvages?  What are you making with them?

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