New Product!: Add-on EQ8 Block Libraries for AccuQuilt Qubes

I am very excited to introduce a new product in my shop.  Most of you know that I am an EQ8 Superfan.  I design my quilts in EQ8, I teach EQ8, and I use EQ8 to create my original patterns.  This past year I finally jumped on the AccuQuilt bandwagon and became an AccuQuilt GO! Getter.  I love how quickly I can cut out a quilt with my GO! Cutter and have a project all ready to sew.

I received an 8″ GO Qube with my AccuQuilt GO! Cutter.  I really wanted to design with the AccuQuilt 8″ blocks in EQ8, but there was not a library file of the blocks to be found, so I decided to create them.  That’s right, I drew everyone of those little blocks in the Qube brochure just so I could design with them in EQ8. I loved them soooooo much that I thought you might like the fun and convenience of designing with all of those blocks too.

The blocks in the brochure provided by AccuQuilt to use with the GO! Qube are all Four patch blocks.  These blocks are based upon a 2 X 2 grid, the most popular style of quilt block.

Accuquilt provides 216 Block designs with their popular GO! Qube die sets

  • For the base GO! Qube Mix and Match die set, there are 72 blocks.
  • For the add on Companion CORNERS set, combined with the Mix and Match die set, there are 72 blocks.
  • For the add on Conpanion ANGLES set, combined with the Mix and Match die set and the Companion Corners set, there are 72 blocks.

In this EQ8 Block Library file, you will get all 216 four patch blocks to design to your heart’s content.

These EQ8 Block Library files are downloadable digital files that are designed to work with your EQ8 Quilt Design Software.  They are only compatible with EQ8.

Required: A running copy of EQ8 Quilt Design Software.

The block library is a downloadable digital file that you will place into your personal block library.  Once you place the block file in your library, you will be able to use it immediately to draw and design quilts.  I have included all of the instructions to add the files to your EQ8.  You will receive the EQ8 Block library, a color block reference guide and an instruction document including hints and tips.  The blocks are all labeled and colored similarly to the blocks provided in the Accuquilt Brochure so they are easy to match up.

The EQ8 block libraries are available in all the Qube sizes.  They are color coordinated by size in the shop so you can find the size you need.

Please NoteIf you have more than one size of Qube, you only need one size of library.  Once you have the EQ8 Library for AccuQuilt installed into EQ8, you can easily resize to your other size Qubes as it will scale properly.  You can certainly purchase other sizes for convenience, but it is not necessary.

Once you have designed your quilt, you can use your AccuQuilt GO! Cutter to make it.  I have also included tips and suggestions for determining what dies to use and how to determine fabric requirements.

I hope you enjoy these EQ8 block files as you create your beautiful Four Patch design quilts.

10 thoughts on “New Product!: Add-on EQ8 Block Libraries for AccuQuilt Qubes

  1. I bought my accuquilt decades ago and did not purchase “sets”. I have a mixture of dies. Could you list the dies used in each product? Like 4″ square needed. 6 inch half-square triangle?

  2. Im new at the go.

    Eq8 is what exactly? Is all of this to be downloaded and then printed?

    I use my phone as my computer and and do not have a printer so this would be of use to me?

    Does it show how much matetial is needed?

    Maybe silly questions

  3. Carolyn, EQ8 is quilt design software that runs on a Windows or MAC computer. If you don’t have a computer, you will not be able to use it. A copy of the EQ8 design software is REQUIRED. This block library file is designed to work as a library file in the software. You can then select the blocks in the design software when designing quilts. EQ8 provides fabric requirements based upon traditional cutting methods, not the Accuquilt die cutting method. However, Accuquilt provides documentation that shares the material requirements for their dies, so you need to use a combination of the two. The advantage is that you can pick and choose blocks, color and fabrics and design your quilt that is GO! Qube friendly.

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  5. Thank you for creating this product. Is it necessary to buy the library for each size qube?

  6. Robin, It is really up to you. You can easily use EQ8 to resize a block but once you resize, you will lose the name and notecard information. You would need to edit that to add it back as well. I offer the different sizes for convenience as resizing and renaming 72 or even 216 blocks is very time consuming. I have just done the work for you. You decide what is best for you. But it is fun to have all the blocks ready to go and start designing quilts that will work with your Accuquilt Go Cutters.

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