In My Studio: Making the best fleece neck pillows ever

I discovered a FREE PATTERN at for the best little neck pillow ever!    It looks like a big dog bone!

I made one out of some leftover fleece and it sewed up so nice and was sooooo soft.   I dug out a huge bag of fleece scraps and took it up to our cottage in northern Michigan for the weekend.  It was cool and rainy…a perfect day for sewing.  Here is a peek into my weekend of work.


Here is part of my pile-o-fleece dumped out on the bed.


I started just cutting out as many pillows as I could.


Here is my glorious stack of pillows all cut out.  These are my brilliant idea for christmas gifts for everyone this year.


I wanted to leave one pillow at the cottage, so I stitched up the sides of this cute little sheep that matches my robe.

There are no fabric stores very handy by the cottage, so what to do to stuff my pillow?


How about a $2 pillow from the only local store, Kmart.  So yes, I cut open that pillow and used the stuffing for my little relaxing neck pillow.


So I stuffed that little pillow full of my ingenious stuffing.


Here is my little pillow all stuffed and ready to be stitched closed.

I grabbed the rest of my pillows to take home to sew whenever a need a little break.  I think the family will be delighted with these gifts and I destashed a huge amount of fleece.  I even kept a small pile of the scraps to use just like felt for applique, there were so many colors.

What fun things do you make with your fleece scraps?

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