Sweet Baby Burp Cloth (Free Pattern)

burp cloth - lori miller designs

A good friend is having a baby boy and her baby shower is next week.  I wanted to stitch up something useful and I decided to make these super cute little sweet baby burp cloths.  They are soft and absorbent using soft flannel and diaper cloth.  I remember these were really handy when my son was born and you always needed a bunch of them.  I was so glad you could just throw them in the wash to be ready for another day.  This shape is what I remembered having long ago.  It is a very quick project.  Read on for my tutorial and a free pattern.

This will make four burp cloths.


  • 1/2 yd of baby print flannel
  • 1  yd of diaper cloth



  1. Using my free Sweet Baby Burp Cloth Pattern, Cut out 4 flannel panels and 8 diaper cloth panels.P1090936
  2. Layer the flannel right side up, and the diaper cloth, right side down.  Use two layers of diaper cloth.P1090948
  3. Using a 3/4″ seam, to catch all the layers, and leaving an opening for turning, stitch around the entire burp cloth.P1090949
  4. Clip the curves.P1090950
  5. Turn it right side out.P1090952
  6. Iron the burp cloth flat making sure to fold in the edges of the opening.P1090953
  7. Topstitch closely to the outer edge of the burp cloth, being sure to stitch the opening closed.P1090954
  8. Topstitch again 1/4″ away from the edge stitching.P1090955
  9. Finished!  A very cute and quick little gift.  Now to just sew a few more.  They really stitch up in a jiffy.

Do you have a “go to” handmade gift for new babies that you like to make?  Let me know.



4 thoughts on “Sweet Baby Burp Cloth (Free Pattern)

  1. Thanks for lovely project pattern. What sort of fabric (fibre content) is diaper cloth? Does anyone know an Australian equivalent?

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