In Memory of Cookie Cat

I had the best kitty in the world. His name was Cookie Cat and he was special. A lovely gray and white tabby, he was gentle and kind and he smelled like cotton candy. He was my quilting companion and he had my heart.

He would follow me downstairs to my sewing room and just stay with me while I sewed and quilted.  Whenever I started quilting, he would appear and try to help.  I would look away for a second and he would be…right..THERE.  LOL

I had this little rolling cart and I finally put his cat bed in there and I would just roll him around the room with me.

In 2017, I designed a quilt in his honor with a big block and his sweet face on it and I called it, Cookie cat. 

I thought it was adorable and versatile, four blocks for a baby quilt and one block for a pillow. 

We have a little black kitty named Oreo too and to not be left out, I made some Halloween pillows in the pattern for him too.

But this sweet boy was my little shadow.  At the beginning of 2020, he was diagnosed with cancer.  I was glad to be home due to Covid to take care of him.   He was spoiled rotten and got anything he wanted.

He started to just come and want to sleep in the bay window in front of my sewing machine.  He could see the birds and squirrels.  He would still follow me downstairs and just be with me while I quilted and sewed.

He passed away just after Thanksgiving and it hit me hard.  I still miss him.  I decided that I would do something to honor his devotion to me and celebrate that pure love he gave to me.

I have updated my Cookie Cat pattern with his picture and I have reduced the price in my shop.  You can find it HERE!

This year, 2021, I am going to give the proceeds from this pattern to my local humane society.  A tiny way to give back to the place where I rescued Cookie cat to begin with and a way to honor and grieve him in a positive way.

I appreciate your support of my charity this year and wish you too will experience the joy and unconditional love of a pet.

Warm Wishes, 


13 thoughts on “In Memory of Cookie Cat

  1. I love that his bed was on top of your cart!! It’s so hard to lose our furry friends. I lost my “shadow” five years ago and sometimes I still expect her to be underfoot in my tiny kitchen. Such a cute quilt and a wonderful way to remember Cookie. Sending hugs.

  2. What a beautiful story. It brought tears to my eyes. I have a similar story with a sweet pup. I hope I can face the inevitable as beautifully as you have with Cookie Cat. The quilt designed in his honor is adorable.

  3. Dear Lori, I am so glad you shared Cookie Cat’s story. What an adorable guy he was.

    I had a similar loving and wonderful kitty companion who would do the same: follow me around, lie on my sewing table or my cutting table while I worked. I made catnip pillows for her and she would bring them to where I was working and lie down with her head on the pillow after “loving it up.” She was all black and I named her Oprah. I lost her several years ago, and I was devastated. I’ve had cats all my life, but when you have that special one, nothing compares. Great memories and their pictures keep them in our hearts forever. Hugs, Melanie

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  4. I am so sorry for your loss. Sometimes a loss of an animal can just take us to our knees. It sounds like you had such a special bond with your Cookie. I love that you said he smelled like cotton candy because I have a kitty that also smells so sweet. I guess they are both sweet on the outside and the inside. Please think of your kitty often to always have those beautiful memories to rely on when you are feeling blue. Remember an animal’s only fault is that they don’t last forever. I am glad Cookie had such a wonderful life with you.

  5. Lori so sorry for your loss but happy he had a great family to take him in. Our fur babies are so part of our lives.

  6. I’m so sorry about your sweet and loyal boy. This is such a wonderful way to honour his memory, and all the love you shared. I understand exactly what it’s like to lose the kitty love of one’s life… it breaks your heart into a million pieces. Time does help the healing, and he will be with you in sprit always. Hugs to you.

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