In Memory of Cookie Cat

I had the best kitty in the world. His name was Cookie Cat and he was special. A lovely gray and white tabby, he was gentle and kind and he smelled like cotton candy. He was my quilting companion and he had my heart.

He would follow me downstairs to my sewing room and just stay with me while I sewed and quilted.  Whenever I started quilting, he would appear and try to help.  I would look away for a second and he would be…right..THERE.  LOL

I had this little rolling cart and I finally put his cat bed in there and I would just roll him around the room with me.

In 2017, I designed a quilt in his honor with a big block and his sweet face on it and I called it, Cookie cat. 

I thought it was adorable and versatile, four blocks for a baby quilt and one block for a pillow. 

We have a little black kitty named Oreo too and to not be left out, I made some Halloween pillows in the pattern for him too.

But this sweet boy was my little shadow.  At the beginning of 2020, he was diagnosed with cancer.  I was glad to be home due to Covid to take care of him.   He was spoiled rotten and got anything he wanted.

He started to just come and want to sleep in the bay window in front of my sewing machine.  He could see the birds and squirrels.  He would still follow me downstairs and just be with me while I quilted and sewed.

He passed away just after Thanksgiving and it hit me hard.  I still miss him.  I decided that I would do something to honor his devotion to me and celebrate that pure love he gave to me.

I have updated my Cookie Cat pattern with his picture and I have reduced the price in my shop.  You can find it HERE!

This year, 2021, I am going to give the proceeds from this pattern to my local humane society.  A tiny way to give back to the place where I rescued Cookie cat to begin with and a way to honor and grieve him in a positive way.

I appreciate your support of my charity this year and wish you too will experience the joy and unconditional love of a pet.

Warm Wishes, 


My version of Kimberly Einmo’s Chainsaw Quilt

Lori Miller Designs  chain saw block closeup

When in Grand Rapids last month, I took a class from Kimberly Einmo.  She is a wizard with jellyrolls and precuts, and is now branching out to modern quilts and applique!  She taught her chainsaw quilt class.  It looks kind of like a saw blade, hence the name.  I cut up all my pink, coral, peach, tangerine and lavenderish fabrics in my stash to make my own layer cake and jelly roll.

Lori Miller Designs  Chain saw quilt block

You make the individual blocks.  They have that lovely jagged edge.


Then you spin them around and put four of them together to create the saw blade shape.


Kimberly’s quilt has borders and half square triangles, but I decide to make some extra chainsaw blocks and make the whole quilt out of them. (You can find the pattern in her book, Jelly Roll Quilts & More).

I just got the top pieced, but I think it came out striking.  I am thinking it wants some quilted circles, what do you think?

This could be a fun baby quilt with 16 blocks, it would sure stitch up fast.




Playing Catchup with Holiday Placemats

Wow, it has been several months since I started this adventure and the holidays and life in general has kept me busy.  But I did take some pictures, so I am going to catch up!  Bear with me as I post a little history to get current.  I am going to start with these fun holiday placemats.

LMDesigns holiday yo yo

For the holidays, I dug out my Clover Yo-yo maker, and made a pile of peppermint yo yos.

LMDesigns holiday yo yo

I stitched and strung groups of them together.

LMDesigns holiday yo yo

Then I added them to some plain red placemats I made out of solid red kona.

LMDesigns holiday yo yo

A cute holiday placemat is born.  But wait, there is more.

LMDesigns holiday yo yo

I took my old pattern for gift cards and made them up for silverware holders.

LMDesigns holiday yo yo

They are completely lined so they have a contrasting cuff when you fold them over.  I used this apple green candy cane print.

LMDesigns holiday yo yo

Isn’t that a cute Holiday place setting?


I Love Bread

I love bread.  I have a very old bread-making machine that keeps chugging along and I usually make it in the dough cycle so I can finish the goodies up in the oven.  It does the  mixing, kneading and rising for me.  This was about Thanksgiving time and I was inspired by an heirloom bread cloth  my Mother in Law had given me, but it was very plain.  I decided to make two new ones, one for me and one for her with some added embroidery pizzazz.  I got to play with fancy stitches and needles on my sewing machine too.

LMDesigns Bread Cloth

I started out with this basic pattern.

LMDesigns Bread Cloth

I just used white cotton kona for the fabric, wish I would have had some white linen.  I used a fancy heirloom stitch on my machine and a very large wing needle to hem the entire thing.  I sewed right along the seam so the stitch caught it.

LMDesigns Bread Cloth

I sketched out a couple of designs and started to embroider on one of the flaps.  this is a cute orange pumpkin and oak leaves.

LMDesigns Bread Cloth

Here you can see the fancy stitches better and my embroidery.  I just used a simple stem stitch for the whole thing.

LMDesigns Bread Cloth

For my heirloom bread cloth, I stitched a tree with colorful fall leaves all in a chain or lazy daisy style stitch.

It was a perfect gift to send for Thanksgiving since we could not be together.  And I made a big batch of dinner rolls nestled in my cloth for us here in Michigan.


Welcome to my Creative World!

Lori Miller Designs  Head shot

I am Lori Miller and this is the official launch of my creative blog.  I finally decided to take the plunge and start to get something out here even though it is not perfect yet.  I have enjoyed sewing for as long as I can remember.  I have been sewing fun little gifts for family, friends and myself.  I took up quilting about 10 years ago, but I really like to make smaller quilted items to get a quicker sense of accomplishment.

I have started making some of my goodies for my shop, Lori Miller Designs, and I thought this blog would be a fun way to document some of my stitching adventures and share the things I love.

I figure this will be a work in progress as I read WordPress for Dummies and check other how to manuals for my blog from the library.  Oh how I love the library!  So much goodness all in one place.  And of course, read all of the goodies on the internet.

Welcome and stay tuned on my blog, definitely a work in progress.