New Product! Add-on EQ8 Block Library for AccuQuilt Qube: Nine Patch Party

Let’s have a party!  A Nine Patch Party!  I am pleased to introduce the next set of  Add-on EQ8 Block Library files designed to work with your AccuQuilt Mix & Match Qubes.  Included are 60 gorgeous Nine Patch variation block designs that you can load into EQ8 Quilt design software.

EQ8 is Quilt Design Software by The Electric Quilt Company.  I design my quilts in EQ8, I teach EQ8 and I use EQ8 in my original patterns.

These convenient block designs work with the Accuquilt GO! Qube Mix and Match Die sets.  You can use the Die Shapes in the GO! Qubes to cut out these blocks with speed and accuracy.

These EQ8 Block Library files are downloadable digital files that are designed to work with your EQ8 Quilt Design Software.  They are only compatible with EQ8.  Once you place the block file in your library, you will be able to use it immediately to draw and design beautiful quilts.

Required: A running copy of EQ8 Quilt Design Software.

60 Gorgeous Nine Patch Blocks!

I have included 60 Nine Patch Party Block designs from beginner to challenging, from traditional to creative.  You are sure to find some great options to design and color your own quilts in EQ8.

These blocks are Nine Patch Blocks that can be cut out with your Go! Qube Mix & Match Set, no companion dies are needed.

Since the Nine Patch design is based upon a 3 x 3 grid, your finished block sizes will finish larger as indicated in the chart below.

block sizes

Nine Patch Party is available in all of the GO! Qube sizes.  They are color coordinated by size in the shop so you can find the size you need.

Complete Instructions including Die Cutting Guide!

Each set of library blocks comes with a complete set of Instructions, a Block Reference Guide and a Die Cutting Guide.

The Die Cutting Guide provides pictures of the Nine Patch Party blocks and which shapes are needed from the Qube to cut out that block similar to the picture above.

Please note:  If you have more than one size of Qube, you only need one size of the block library.  Once you have the EQ8 Library for AccuQuilt installed into EQ8, you can easily resize to your other size Qubes as it will scale properly.  You can certainly purchase other sizes for convenience, but it is not necessary.

More Products Available!

If you like designing and making your own quilts with EQ8 and AccuQuilt, check out my other products!.

Thank You!  And Happy Quilting!