Published – A+ Journal Covers

Issue 8 of Make Modern Magazine is out and I am pleased to share my A+ Journal Covers in this modern quilty issue.  These Journal covers fit over a US standard Composition book.  They feature plus sign shapes creating a scrappy look with the plus signs either in brights or neutrals.  I tried quilting them two ways, but I think I love the natural, squiggly lines on the aqua journal the best.

Make Modern Volume 8

Make Modern is an online magazine created by Jane, Lara and Kristy and is filled with delightful modern quilt and sewing patterns.  Make Modern is a digital magazine put together by quilters for quilters who are passionate about modern quilting and sewing.  And I will add, it is very reasonably priced for the huge amount of content.

This cover is pieced with lots of 1 1/2 inch squares.  I thought it would use up some of my pile of scraps.  I like the low volume plus signs, they really make the aqua scraps stand out.

The inside features a little pocket to tuck in a pen or pencil.  It all closes with some elastic and some funky buttons.

Here is a look at the purple and grey cover with the background as low volume grey prints.

I envisioned these to take to my meetings where I needed to take notes.  They also make great gifts with that personal quilty touch.  Wouldn’t these be perfect for a favorite teacher or as a holiday gift for a friend who likes to journal?


Mod Apple Hotpad (free tutorial)

mod apple hotpad lori miller designs

I am happy to share my Mod Apple Hotpad post that I presented as a guest blogger for the American Quilting Society’s (AQS) OnPoint Newsletter.  I have been an AQS Member for many years. They sponsor wonderful quiltshows and classes.  If you have not checked them out, start with their free newsletter which features free patterns, tips and other quilty information.  You can sign up HERE. And check out their Blog too!  Now, on to my post!

I spent a week at my cottage in northern Michigan and I was able to visit the local farmers market.  I was thrilled to find my favorite early apple, Ginger Gold. They are a cross between an early apple and a yellow delicious: tender skin and tangy flavor. They were the only thing I could eat when I was pregnant many years ago with my son and I still love them. They are the inspiration for this fancy little apple hot pad. This one is a Pink Lady apple, but you could easily make a tasty Red Jonathan, yummy Yellow Delicious or Green Granny Smith. Make your favorite apple to celebrate the arrival of fall.


  • 1 – 3 ¼” x 40” strip for apple center
  • 1 – 1 ½” x 40” strip for outer apple skin
  • 1 – 1 ¼” x 40” strip for inner apple skin
  • 1 – 3” x 6” rectangle for leaf
  • 1 – 12” x 12” square for back of apple hotpad
  • 1 – 12” x 12” square of Insul-Bright insulated batting (Note: This batting by The Warm Company reflects energy, hot or cold, back to itself. You can find it with the utility fabrics.)
  • 60 degree ruler or my triangle template



  1. Print out my FREE Mod Apple Hotpad Templates.
  2. Using the hexagon template, cut out the back of the hotpad.
  3. Using the same hexagon template, but out the insul-bright batting.
    apple hotpad 2


  1. Stitch the strips together, one at a time, ironing seams open. Make sure the narrow strip for the inner apple skin is in the center.
    apple hotpad 3
  2. Using a 60 degree ruler, cut six equilateral triangles. If you have a 60 degree ruler, this goes pretty fast. I had an old Starmaker ® 6 ruler from a Kaye Wood class that I had attended. Several companies make them, but if you don’t have one, just use my template, a regular rotary cutter and straight rotary cutting ruler.
    apple hotpad 4
  3. Position the ruler to start cutting with the outside apple skin on the bottom.
    apple hotpad 5
  4. Cut out a triangle.
    apple hotpad 6
  5. Flip the ruler and cut another triangle from the top, Lay these aside and save them for another project or make them into another hotpad.
    apple hotpad 7
  6. Cut six triangles total. There should be enough fabric to cut six apple triangles and six other triangles.  Stitch your triangles together. Be sure to line up the seams on each side so they match.
    apple hotpad 8
  7. Piece them in groups of three and press seams open.
    apple hotpad 9
  8. Stitch the two halves of the apple together, aligning the seams and iron flat
    apple hotpad 10
  9. Fold the leaf fabric right sides together and mark the leaf.
    apple hotpad 11
  10. Layer a small piece of batting underneath and stitch around the leaf leaving a place to turn. Snip curves and turn right side out. Whip stitch the opening closed.
    apple hotpad 12
  11. Quilt the leaf.
    apple hotpad 13
  12. Make a quilt sandwich. Lay the backing right side up, the pieced apple right side down and the Insul-bright batting on the top. Pin and stitch all around, leaving an opening to turn.  Turn the apple right side out and whipstitch the opening closed.
    apple hotpad 14
  13. Quilt the apple. I just used straight line quilting with my walking foot.
    apple hotpad 15
  14. Here is a close up of my quilting from the back.  I made the center of the apple with a couple of seeds.
    apple hotpad 16
  15. Tack on the leaf.  I just stitched a small triangle at the base.

That is it, a bright, cheery apple to decorate your table and a practical hot pad to boot. What is your favorite apple?